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Aunt Helen’s Socks I

October 13, 2007

My husband’s Aunt Helen recently moved back to the area from sunny California.  She is chronically cold, even when the weather seems warm to us.  I knit her a green scarf using the same yarn brand and reversable cable pattern as the one posted earlier in this blog.  In fact, I did it right after the blue one and was planning on it for Christmas.  I just don’t think I’ll be able to resist giving it to her early.  I recently thought, though, that knitting her a pair of wool socks would help keep her feet warm.  She lives on the ground floor and I expect that the floors will be colder and thus a problem for her feet.

This is my first attempt to knit socks for someone else and, after a little detective work by my oh so clever husband, it was determined that her shoe size is 9 narrow.  Excellent!  So now I am off and running knitting some green (she always wears green so we think it is a favorite color) socks with baby cable ribbing.  This is what I am actually working on currently and one or the other of the pair of socks is always with me getting nudged to completion as opportunity allows.  If this works out, I have some tan sock yarn with her name on it too.  After all, when I bought the green yarn, I needed to spend an extra 13 dollars to save 5.  (Knitter’s Math 101)


 I should take a moment here to recognize a book that has helped a great deal with determining how to knit socks based on someone’s shoe size.  It has also presented some excellent ribbing and cuff options that have opened up a lot of possibilities.  What I love is that you can knit a test swatch with different needle sizes and once you determine the needle that gives you the fabric you want, you measure your stitches per inch and you are good to go.  The book is Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. It is sincerely recommended by this knitter.

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