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Adventures in winterizing the camper

November 19, 2007

So this weekend was the big winterizing the camper adventure. Last year Camper’s Inn winterized the camper for us. They denied it when we went to pay for it but since we verified that pink anti-freeze was coming out of the faucets we knew it was done. That was our first year with a camper. This year we decided to do it our selves…..

We diligently followed the directions in the manual up to the point where it said to turn the water heater bypass lever “according to your water heater manual”. Now it’s in the 40’s out, and I swear colder in the camper. I am sitting at the camper table handling freezing cold manuals and after reading the pump manual multiple times and still not finding anything about a bypass except another reference about “if equiped”, we reasoned that maybe we didn’t have a bypass. After all we didn’t have to turn a bypass lever back early this year (although we unsuccessfully looked for one) and everything was fine.

We then dumped 2 gallons of anti freeze in the fresh water tank, as per the manual, and flipped on the pump and opened the sink faucet. A trickle of water but no pink and now the fresh water tank is empty!!! Oh yes. There is also a big puddle of water behind the camper which was apparently displaced by our awol anti-freeze. After a lively discussion we determined that we just didn’t look hard enough for a bypass lever. Clearly there has to be one. Eventually we decided that we needed to look again behind the same access panel we looked into this spring and lo and behold we find a lever tucked away behind some pipes. That was promply flipped; two more gallons put into play; and whooo hooo pink stuff came out where it needed to!!! Then we flipped the lever back so we didn’t have to do open the panel and do it next spring. Hmmm…. Think that’s what the guy at Camper’s Inn thought? Wish he’d told us.

We were watching a taped copy of Cain tonight and it sparked a conversation about why people gamble even though they are losing. I think it for the adreneline rush you get when you win. Well let me tell you that nothing beats real life and figuring out how to winterize a camper.

Finished another pair of hand/wrist warmers today. More on that later. 🙂

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  1. October 30, 2010 2:34 pm

    water heaters can sometimes fail because of over voltages in the power line_

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