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Vacation and socks and wristwarmers oh my

February 24, 2008

So I am coming out of the work tunnel of our extra busy time of year, and I decided to take a week off. I feel like I am getting back into the world and out of the sleep, work, eat cycle. At least for the coming week anyway. Plans this week? Absolutely nothing! Which for me is a wonderful thing. No structure, no schedule, and no demands. So after yesterday, which was tax return day, followed by a visit to the in-laws, I am free at last for a whole 8 days. I know it will go way too fast but looking at it now, from the beginning, it looks pretty sweet.

Off the needles: A pair of Handpaint Highlights Socks from One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant which I made with Lisa Souza’s Lime & Violet colorway


You can check out more photos of these socks on Ravelry under NettieKnits.

I also made some very long wristwarmers with the left over yarn. The skein from Lisa was very generous and, even after the wristwarmers, I still have a little yarn left over. I quit because, frankly, I was getting tired of working on them. Very soft and still warm, in spite of the lacy pattern. They were knit from the hand up on size 3 needles in Openwork Rib.  Cast off with a size 5 to keep the cuff loose enough.  Going to take a break and take pictures of them in natural light.

I’m back and with shots of the wristwarmers. I had to wait for the snow plow guy to leave. My husband is out and, while he left me the money to pay for the plowing done Friday night, no makeup on means Nettie is most definitely not here. So without further ado here are the wristwarmers:


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