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Well at least I got my sunglasses fixed…..

February 25, 2008

First day off, nice weather, and a trip to a yarn shop. Sounds like a plan to me. The trip started after lunch and was way too organized for someone attempting to eschew structure for a week. I just can’t help myself. On the way, we stopped at LensCrafters to get my sunglasses adjusted. Somehow they got so loose that they were making like a wishbone. Funny what sitting in a case all winter can do to a perfectly fine pair of sunglasses. The store was surprisingly busy for a Monday, and I had to wait some time to get them adjusted. They also had to take them in back, since apparently the equipment up front was not intense enough. (Well you should have seen them.) They survived the procedure, however, and came back to me all shiny and fitting wonderful. LC gave me a new case too, since they thought that was the problem.

Next stop – Barnes & Noble and a visit to the knitting books. I wanted to get Charlene Schurch’s new book More Sensational Knitted Socks. After an exhaustive search, I located the book. Success at last! I then went on to decide that, since it wasn’t marked down at all, I could be patient, and get two books from Amazon for almost the same amount of money. (I hate being a grown up.)

Next stop – Fabric Place for yarn. This is going to be fun. Haven’t had a good satisfying browse in a really, good yarn shop for quite some time. First, looked for Malabrigo lace weight for a great scarf pattern I found. Sadly the colors seemed too evenly dyed for the look pictured in the pattern. Second, looked for sock yarn. Found it and not too much new. Did find some Happy Feet, but the only color I actually loved, was a single 50gm hank. I looked and I looked. Yarn here. Yarn there. I saw acrylic, silk, bamboo, cotton, alpaca, wool, llama, linen, merino, and hemp. I saw lace weight, sock weight, dk weight, worsted weight, bulky weight, and chunky weight. Projects danced through my head in ever increasing variety. The more yarn I looked at, the worse it got. Finally, head spinning, I wandered out of the yarn area thinking, maybe I’ll just look for a ball winder……

Didn’t get one of those either.

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