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2.29 Days left

February 29, 2008

So the highly anticipated vacation is almost over and I am already plotting taking another break. This week went too fast for reasons other than those I expected. My “time of life” reared up and bit me with some issues.  Went to a favorite site of mine, Women to Women, for a holistic take, and I learned a lot about breathing, nutrition, lymph, and water. Finally, over two days later, I am feeling a bit better and ready to play.  Redesigned the blog a bit and I for one like the new look and additional functions.

What else happened this week?

Snowed Tuesday. Here is the view from a back window.


By Wednesday afternoon it looked like this from the front porch.


Wednesday night we were listening to the late news (I can do that when I am rested) and they lightly mentioned that it was snowing. Interesting that this was not even mentioned as a possibility all day. My weather widget offered no apologies either. The next morning my husband mentioned that, if the snow was light enough, it might be fun to use the leaf blower to clean off the vehicles and driveway. Sensing a photo op, I encouraged him. Here is a great shot of him cleaning off my truck.


This worked so well, that by the time he was done, it looked like it didn’t even snow on us.

What is on the needles?

I am working on some baby cable wristwarmers using the left over Lorna’s Laces from making these socks.


The socks were made with the Openwork Rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. The socks came out great and the wristwarmers are looking good too. I will post my pattern with photos once they are done.

I am also working on a lace scarf using some yarn stashed from Knit Picks called Gossamer in the Carribean colorway. Click here for the free pattern. Anyway knitting lace is a bit of an adventure and I have to keep reminding myself that it will be better once it is blocked. Right now it’s a bit like a butterfly that is just emerging from a cocoon.

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