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Easy Flame Scarf

April 13, 2008

Had a bit of an expensive week.  This week my husband finds out he has cataracts that need to come out and needs new glasses. Oh and once the cataracts come out the glasses will most likely have to be changed again.

Somewhere along the line my blue tooth headset broke. Since I can’t stand talking on the phone and driving without one, it had to be replaced. I cannot tolerate anyone who drives with one hand while holding a phone in the other and wasn’t about to start myself.

The funny part is my main complaint at this time is, that I spent a bunch of money this week and none of it was on yarn!

As mentioned on an earlier post, I have finished and blocked the Easy Flame Scarf. Additional photos are posted on my Ravelry page under Nettie Knits. You can link to the pattern here.

I have been working on the Broad Spiral Rib Socks in More Sensational Knitted Socks using Socks That Rock in Mystic Kelp. Had a bit of a setback Thursday when I realized that while I cast both of these socks on size 1 2.5mm circular needles. (I actually use 4 needles and knit both socks at the same time. No sss for me. ) Problem. 1 set of needles 2.5mm was Addie Turbos and 1 set was Knit Picks also 2.5mm. Oddly in this stitch pattern they did not come out the same. Unfortunately I only noticed this after I knit both cuffs. Emergency trip to the store after work Friday, and a second set of Addie’s were obtained at 20% off (yay!). Today I have finally caught up to where I was Thursday and can now start the heel flaps.

Speaking of heel flaps, I think I go get on that now. Have a great week!


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