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Define shopping spree

April 19, 2008

I think I may be a yarn-a-holic. I have been fine for literally months and months but after buying the knitting needles last week it has been all downhill. I think those needles were the one “drink” that set me off. I fought it but, the slide started last night when I ordered 1 itty bitty little skein of Lime & Violet Mermaid sock yarn from The Loopy Ewe called Rhythm & … I have no idea what the name means but the yarn looks gorgeous. Plus you’ll never get to be a loopy groupie by adding things to your wish list.

Moving right along, and on a roll, I went on to hit Webs. I wanted to make a baby blanket for our neighbors who just had a baby boy. I have a great pattern for a smallish blanket using 4 balls of Plymouth Encore Worsted. I like to get the Colorspun in baby colors. That would have been just fine if I hadn’t wandered into the Encore Worsted section that is on sale. After spending a little time in Excel and making use of some creative formulas, I determined that I could make a decent sized adult blanket for 10 balls. (Well they are on sale.) So 14 balls and 2800 yards later, I got the heck out of that site.

Here is a picture of the baby blanket I have already made:

Today I thought it was over and the addiction was fed enough to let me take a break. Wrong. Lunch was late today; I lost my head got hypoglycemic and wandered into Knit Picks from my Ravelry account. Blindsided! Harmony 13″ and 15″ options tips fell into my cart along with 24″ cables. I think there were #4 needles a ball of yarn and harmony cable needles involved too. Right now it’s a bit of a blank but I know my discover card was employed. Again.

On the needles: Still working on the Mystic Kelp socks both are done with the gusset decreases. This picture was taken yesterday shortly before that stage.

By the way, it’s spring!

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