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I wanted to be on vacation last week

April 28, 2008

I wanted to be on vacation last week but had to settle for this week.  Last week the weather was great and you barely needed a jacket.  This week is not starting out too good as it is rainy dreary and a mere 44 degrees.  On the bright side it’s great knitting weather.

Off the needles today is a baby blanket for my boss’ wife who is expecting a baby boy.  It went pretty quick and is called Encore 8 Hour Baby Afghan P274.  It was only cast on April 23 and I finished it up this morning.  The yarn is Encore Colorspun Worsted which I bought online from Webs during my recently documented yarn binge.  By the way, they (Webs) were very fast.  I got the order on the following Tuesday!  Anyway below is a picture of the blanket.  Considering the weather, the picture came out fairly well.

I also made a chunky baby cable water bottle cozy with some of the leftover yarn.  I didn’t like how the picture came out, so you will have to wait to see it.  I am going to post the pattern too, since someone may want to use it.

Also on my needle are some No Purl Monkey Socks.  I can’t say much about how the pattern is going since I am still on the ribbing.  Well there was the baby blanket to finish.

That’s all for now.  Got to go make tea and knit my socks (or design a blanket).


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