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Having a knitting kind of day

May 17, 2008


Having a knitting kind of day.  Weekends are really the only time I can throw myself into a hobby.  During the week, I am working and have no time to pursue my personal interests.  It’s always seems a little wrong to me that so many of us have to restrict spending the time of our lives so much.

I’ve been thinking a lot about hobbies lately and the value they add to our lives.  They lead us to create and use our brains much more than vegging out in front of the TV or playing a video game.  I see my retired in-laws who have no apparent interests outside of basic cable TV and wonder about the quality of their life.  Me.  I would love to retire because I would probably start a hand dyed yarn business and be busier than ever.

So.  Speaking of my knitting hobby, I have finished a couple of projects since my last post.

Off the needles is another Baby Afghan.  I am still on the fence as to whether this one will be the one for my boss or perhaps the earlier, more colorful one.   In any event here is the latest blue baby blanket:

On a smaller scale, I made a washcloth.  I am always on the lookout for good materials to make facial washcloths out of.  I need something very gentle for my face and often commercially woven clothes are still a bit too rough.  This was really basic.  I cast on about 29 stitches, double stranded using KnitPicks Crayon on size 7 needles.  Knit back and forth until it looked square, cast off, and wove in ends.  Now that I have taken the following photo, I can’t wait to try the cloth out tonight.

Still on the needles:

I am working on a falling leaf blanket which is about half done.  It’s just a little warm this time of year to have a blanket on your lap while you are knitting on it.  Also still in the works are my No-Purl Monkey socks.  Both are coming along well and are in the 4″ from the heel flap range.  For my size foot, I go to about 6″ before starting the toe decreases.  Maybe there will be a picture tomorrow.  After all, I am having a knitting kind of day.

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