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Do you think knitting is addictive?

June 8, 2008

Left on a short business trip Monday and, since I wasn’t driving, I was able to work on an Everlasting Bagstopper.

Which I finished while I was there…

Fortunately I was prepared for that eventuality, and cast on another left over cotton Chinese Wave Dishcloth.

And when I finished that….

And when I finished that I thought I would try a Garterlac Dishcloth pattern.  It took longer and did slow me down a bit.  There is also a link to a PDF file on the page if you want to try it.

Now I am knitting another Garterlac Dishcloth and test knitting some more fingerless gloves for Knitasaur on Ravelry using this lovely stuff from Malabrigo…

Below is the text from my post on Ravely: 


“Started my first large size glove yesterday. Meant to start sooner with purple Wool of the Andes but found out that one of the balls was considerably short. Glad I noticed that before I started. Reluctantly (yeah right!) I had to go to my local LYS and see what was available. I know psst has use this color, but I had to go with Emerald Blue in Malabrigo. I mean the yarn matches the cable scarf I’ve already done in Emerald Blue and what could be more perfect than Knitasaur’s fabulous cabled fingerless gloves to wear with my favorite cable scarf.

While I’m ‘fessing up you all should know that getting my hands on that particular color was not easy. I had to go up on tiptoes and pull it out of a closed plastic bag that was stacked under another one. Disaster was narrowly avoided with that little exercise. I saw it wasn’t bar coded but took it up to the checkout anyway and played innocent. Well sort of. I did confess that it came out of a bag once they point blank asked me. Apparently it wasn’t in the computer and they had to figure out how to sell me something the computer said they didn’t have. Fortunately for all involved they worked it out and I got my yarn. So I better get off the computer now and get knitting. Wool and 92 degrees in the shade. Fun times. 🙂 ”

And that’s all I have to say about that…..


For now.


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  1. June 9, 2008 2:39 am

    Glad you got the yarn you wanted. And yes, knitting is definitely addictive, and it contagious too! Love the bag.

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