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Lovely first day at Red Apple

June 16, 2008

Having an interesting first day at Red Apple Campground. First of all, we could not use the sewer hook up the first night because it was backing up. That was okay because we have internal options, but we did spend the time after wondering if we were going to have to move today. Fortunately, the owner took care of the issue this morning and we don’t have to move. We missed the rain when were were setting up last night. Not the mosquitoes, but we didn’t get rained on at least. Now is another story, and it is raining. This is the forecast at the moment:

Fortunately give me a little yarn, and I am entertained for hours. I am planning on getting to a LYS later this week. Maybe tomorrow since I like to anticipate and plan. I am planning on getting yarn to make the skinny scarf on Knitty Gritty.

In the meantime, finished the fingerless gloves that I was testing for knitasaur and another Garterlac dishcloth in Spring Swirl.  Cute.  Pictures to come later when the sun comes out, and I can get decent pictures.  I have the laptop updated to talk to the camera and upload photos to flickr so there are no excuses.



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