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Knitting vacation in Maine

June 22, 2008

We were on vacation this week and went to our favorite vacation spot.  Maine.  Sadly with the cost of fuel being what it is (and even higher in our beloved Maine), we pretty much shot the vacation entertainment budget just getting there and back.  We did manage to hold out and not buy any gas before we got back to Massachusetts but, since we had to make an emergency fuel stop and got gouged by having to get it near the highway, we should have just bought some in Maine and avoided the stress of pulling into a gas station towing a camper.

So.  We camped in Maine and since driving about for entertainment was out, there was a lot of knitting being done.  Technically, I suppose, the knitting could have gone with the driving about too. 🙂

Finished my second test knit for knitasaur on Ravelry and was finally able to take pictures.  Her pattern is available here.

I also picked up some Classic Silk and made the following Skinny Scarf.  I changed the colors sequence somewhat, because I wanted 4 instead of 3, and wanted it to be more balanced in the stripes.

With the left over yarn from making the scarf, I made up this hat.  I still have enough left to do another hat with a different color scheme.  Probably around the pink, since that is the one I have the most of.  I am calling it my Rosa Rugosa Fair Isle Cap.  I did take notes when making it, so I may post the pattern.

I also finished a new dishcloth pattern called Rosehip and may be posting the pattern for that as well.  It is cushy and should work out well during beta testing. 🙂

I also made another Garterlac dishcloth that made me think of Neapolitan ice cream.  The  colorway was Rosewood and actually I didn’t think of the ice cream until it started striping in the squares.  Who names these things.

Worked on a blanket for a while this morning, before it got too warm to knit a blanket, and I am almost done with another Everlasting Bagstopper.

See why I called it a knitting vacation in Maine?

Have a great week.


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