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First a story

July 6, 2008

We are coming up on a busy week at my company.  We are relocating the office, while still maintaining business as usual.  It is, for me, also a time of reflection and remembering the fun, and not so fun, times we had during our time at our soon to be former site.  Once such story came to mind while I was in a meeting early last week.  There was a huge bang and thump on the wall of the office.  Since this kind of noise has been going on all week, no one flinched but it did make me think of something that amuses me…..

We have a couple of vending machines in our lunch room that are located out of sight of the seating area.  While marvels of engineering and refridgeration, they don’t always operate as intended, and occassionally refuse to fulfill their customers expectations and dispense the beverage or snack purchased.   This often results in the customer physically insisting and a lot of out of sight banging about ensues that is often surprisingly effective.

That part of this that strikes me funny is that a very large percentage of the time, this seems to happen to one specific person.  One small, lady like little woman.  One day while playing a game with someone in the lunch room, we hear a series of bangs and thumps and I said, “What.  Is so and so having a problem with the machine again?”.  I said this just before this high pitched little voice floats out of the room telling the machine just what she thinks of it, accompanied by an even louder series of bangs and thumps.  Fortunately I work with gentlemen, and one of them went to assist her.  Brave man.

Off the needles:

A Violet Strips Garterlac Dishcloth.

A Coral CotLin hand towel.  The pattern is here.  It uses 1 ball of Knit Picks CotLin.

I also finished my Foglia Cadente blanket based on my own design.  I will eventually be putting up the pattern.  Better photos to follow after blocking.

Another recently finished project is my Falling Leaves Lace Socks.  They are blocked, but just need photos.  I also need to finish writing up the pattern.

On the needles:

I am making a top down raglan tee with Spa in Rose Bisque.  I am still working on the yoke.  The pattern is based on one in The Ultimate Kntted Tee by by Laura Militzer Bryant and Barry Klein.  I don’t know why, but it’s one of the few books not listed on Ravely.


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