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Sweater break

July 13, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Actually the pink sweater is still in progress but it’s in a stockinette section that is putting me to sleep.  I am tired anyway, from all the moving and extra hours at work, and the sweater is just putting me to sleep.  Today, being a “day of rest”, I am on a sweater break and am making stashbusting yarnballs.  These are roughly the size of grapefruits.  I am working on a smaller one now but started to nod out again so I went outside and took pictures.

The one on the left is worsted wool and the one on the right is primarily worsted acrylic.  Since the same number of stitches and rows were used on both, I can only deduce that there is a variation between worsted yarns.

I also wanted to show you pictures of my Falling Leaf Lace Socks.  I like the lace pattern and, while I like the colors, I am not sure it was well behaved enough to do my pattern justice.  So try to look beyond my pretty but misbehaving Knit Picks Essentials yarn and, hopefully, appreciate the design.  I have it mostly written up and will try to post it soon.

Have a great week.

Remember it’s not just knitting, it’s an adventure.


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  1. kimberlily permalink
    July 30, 2008 6:35 pm

    Is that meadow multi? I have two balls of that waiting to be knit into socks… Too bad about the pooling, the socks look lovely.

  2. Nettie permalink*
    August 1, 2008 6:23 am

    Yes it is Meadow Multi and I agree, it is a shame it pooled like that. It’s funny because they started off looking pretty close. But they’ll still keep the feet warm. 🙂

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