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Best Weather!

August 24, 2008


Back from vacation and am dreading going back to work tomorrow.  Back to too much to do and not enough time, schedules, questions, meetings, and conference calls.  Sigh.  But….

Did we just have the best vacation weather of the entire summer or what!   Yes, in my humble opinion, we did.  Not too hot; not too humid; not too rainy; and, unbelievably, not a single thunderstorm.  A little buggy but that is understandable given the dampness of the year.  Plus Maine just got a whopper of a storm before we got there, which I guess justifies the mini smelly swamp in our camp site.  We would have liked to move, but the alternative was still wet and wouldn’t have cable TV, which according to hubby is essential for supervising the Red Sox games.

I did manage to finishing my Ravalympics Sock Put Amber Leaf socks for Team Blue Moon while I was camping.  The yarn used is Socks That Rock in Amber.

Also, as traditional for vacation, I did manage a little stash enhancement while I was there.  Picked up some Malabrigo Worsted weight and Happy Feet sock yarn at The Custom Shop in Kennebunkport, and some J. Knits sock yarn at Seaport Yarn in Portland.  (Alternate links for the yarns were used because they are not for sale on the store sites.)

Currently, I am planning on making arm warmers with the Happy Feet since I really have a lot of socks and am trying to slow down sock production.  (Not sure how that will work out since they are so much fun to make.)  The Malabrigo may become hand warmers and a neck warmer/scarf.  No plans for the J. Knits yarn yet, but the Providence colorway was just so pretty.  See how neatly I set myself up to fail my sock production reduction goals.  (This is leaving my other 300 grams of sock yarn, previously stashed, out of consideration.  I am doomed.)

Nothing exciting happened while we were camping.  No one jackknifed their camper/truck and there were no goldfinches taking baths in puddles.  But as stated earlier the weather was wonderful, so there wouldn’t be any puddles. 🙂  The most excitement for me was the yarn store trips and trying to get my husband to say what he would like to do or go.   Another big amusement was watching the people next to us, who were from Florida, rotate their lounge chairs to face the sun.  Oh, yeah.  They also went for a 10-15 minute bike ride.  Still not sure why they brought bikes.  But I should talk, since we didn’t even have bikes with us.

Have a great week!


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