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Family Camping I

September 28, 2008

Nothing happening.  No projects finished.  I did start a mini falling leaf shawl but that is not sufficiently interesting to base a post on.  It’s raining and it’s either take a nap or tell you about camping when I was a child.

The earliest camping trip I remember, as a child, was very rustic.  We went to an area in the woods of Deerfield my dad called, “The Old World”.  It used to be settled and used for grazing, but was overgrown and abandoned when we went there.  My dad brought a big rubber mat for us to sleep on and to keep us off the ground.  We “slept” lined up a row; covered up with blankets; and attempted to sleep under the stars.  Sounds nice, but in reality I was next to my little brother, who kicked, and we were on a slight slope so every time you moved you slid a bit on the rubber mat.  Eventually you ended with your feet out from under the blankets; on the ground; and getting cold.  Because, even camping, you didn’t sleep in shoes.  So the night went, slipping down and having to wiggle back up.  Then, if you were clever enough to resist sliding, and assuming the kicker left you blankets, you could try to sleep.  But (you just knew there had to be a but) we also brought the family pet.

Ginger was a brown half breed beagle who took protection of her family very seriously.  So seriously, that she stayed up all night woofing at every noise.  Apparently there were a lot of noises and every time she woofed, my dad woke up too.  I don’t recall it being particularly a concern for me but as our actual protector, my father couldn’t help but be concerned.  No amount of persuasion on his part would convince her that we were safe and that she could relax.  It was a very long night.

The next morning, our faithful guardian wanted to sleep, now that she considered my dad on duty.  Unfortunately for her, dad didn’t agree and every time she dozed off, he woke her up.  You know what they say about payback.  She did finally get her nap when we all took the “bed” to a sunny (flat) place and took a long nap.  As I recall, that turned out to be a one night camping trip.  That wasn’t the only one night camping adventure, but that’s a story for another day.

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  1. October 9, 2008 6:29 pm

    Your story was charming. Like to read some more.

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