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Noisy week

October 4, 2008

One day last week, while I was getting ready for work, I heard this far off rumble.  It grew and grew; the floor started to vibrate; pictures started to rattle; and the noise kept getting louder and louder.  Ran to the window and saw this huge yellow monster of a machine making it’s ponderous way down our street.  It was probably the size of a tank and filled the street.  As the days went by, It was clear that it would be making that journey twice a day and I wish I would have gotten a picture, since that is not something you see everyday, but it always came by when I was too busy to get out the camera.

This event meant that town sewer was coming to our street, and while we knew they were working on the other end of the street we did not expect it to be at our end for some time.  We also underestimated how intrusive the process would be.  Well, I know because I had an inside man who told me just how bad it was here during the day.

One day, while I was blissfully unaware of the chaos at home, they started in front of our house.  My inside man took it as long as he could, and then he went out to a long lunch.  To his credit, I don’t think it was a liquid lunch.  Apparently it takes a lot of banging to break up pavement; a lot of banging to dig up the dirt underneath; a lot of banging to empty the bucket loader; a lot of banging to dump more dirt; and finally a lot banging to pack the new dirt down.  According to my inside man, in his opinion, the last part really got excessive.  Then they moved the whole operation a few feet to start it all again.  Trust me, we are all fortunate that most of this stuff happens when we are gone for the day.

The next morning at 7:00am they started again and I did manage to get a few pictures.

He’s right.  It was very noisy and I was thankful that I didn’t work nights and quite thankful to get out of there.  The only silver lining in the the whole project was that the people that flew up and down our street had to slow down for a few days since it was quite bumpy.  It’s over now, and the street is patched pavement.  You know how that’s going to go during this upcoming New England winter?  Snow, ice, freezing, snow plows, and pot holes.  Yes!  Nature’s speed bumps.  Fun times.

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