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Zippy the Dog Tamer

October 12, 2008

I grew up rustic. Rustic certainly, in comparison to today’s standards of what constitutes basic necessities such as cell phones and 1000 TV channels. I grew up where picking berries for lunch was considered fun and novel by us kids but was actually a financial necessity. Lunch was carried to school and picnics involved making your lunch and going for a hike, not picking it up at a fast food place and gobbling it down in the car. Where Mom’s coasting down hills in the van was necessary if one hoped to get an extra trip in to the lake that week.

Where a PC was a kid behind a sheet draped closet door; flipping a lamp on and off; triggering a wind up alarm clock on and off; and feeding answers on slips of paper out through a slit in the sheet to an accomplice outside the closet. All to entertain parents who were laughing themselves silly. This PC was a collaborative effort not a solitary occupation.

Where a good time was dressing the cat in doll clothes; not endlessly playing video games. Where fun times were sitting in lawn chairs watching Zippy the Dog Tamer go to work….

Bringing a new dog home, while our cat Zippy lived with us, was interesting and entertaining since, you see, Zippy tamed dogs. The dog would be attached to the dog run, across the driveway, to acclimate to the area and the family. The family would put out the lawn chairs in the front yard, across the driveway from the dog, and prepare to watch the acclimation process. It was a higher elevation than the dog’s location, so we had a great view of the upcoming, as my mother put it, “drama in real life.”

The wait was never long since Zippy apparently had radar that allowed him to sense new arrivals. Since we lived on 47 acres of forest land, that ability was no mean feat. As anticipated, Zippy came sauntering up from where ever he had been wandering. He would swing by us for a friendly visit, while sizing up his new project. Meanwhile, the project was already barking at Zippy and lunging at the end of the run.

Zippy would calmly walk off at a tangent weaving his way in an unconcerned manner closer and closer to his intended new friend. A few feet away from the dog, Zippy would start pacing back and forth, tail straight up in the air, while the dog (apparently none too bright) persisted in trying to reach his enemy. Edging ever closer, Zippy was eventually just inches away, with his upright tail almost brushing the nose of the increasingly frustrated and perplexed animal.

Eventually the dog wore himself out and got the idea that this particular cat was not afraid of him. Finally a truce was born and an emerging new friendship became a foregone conclusion. In fact, once Zippy the Dog Tamer set his sights on a dog, his or hers cat chasing days were over. That day the “drama in real life” portion of the day ended well.

Oh, and knitting wise, I finished a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves today. They were made for a friend as a thank you gift.

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