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Thursday at the movies

February 28, 2009

As I may have mentioned before, I am on vacation this week.  After having our taxes done this weekend, I needed to destress so I started working on my Dream in Color Classy sweater.  Cast on late Sunday night,  since I was determined to start it on my birthday, and I will never (right!) do that again.  Knit on it most of the day on Monday.  It’s a good thing that on Tuesday morning my little gray cells kicked in, and I fully considered the consequences of ignoring the results of my gauge swatch of 4 stitches per inch. After all it was only half a stitch different. What can that hurt? As it turns out, plenty or approx 8.5” additional width by the end of the yoke. Now the 8” I did Monday, had to come out. 😦

Reworked the pattern to allow for my gauge.  I love Excel.  Ripped it out and started over.  Good news:  This yarn looks amazing. 🙂


We went to the movies on Thursday and saw the Echelon Conspiracy.  If you are at all prone to conspiracy theories, you may not want to see it.  I am still creeped out.

When we came out of the theater it was very windy, and we saw this in the sky.    It was surreal how the wind was blowing so hard but the clouds were not moving.


Other cool news.  The Dish Cloth Weekly Knitalong group on Ravelry is using my Pi Dishcloth idea for the knit along.  Everyone is doing great and it is great fun to see the creativity people are bringing to their projects.  If you want to try too you can get the pattern here.

I see if I can update you further tomorrow.  I may take a short sweater break.  I have another idea for a dish cloth. 🙂

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