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It seems

March 1, 2009

I recently lost someone in my life who chose to not continue their journey in this world.  A new person had just come into my life and I was looking forward to finding out what there was to learn from the acquaintance.  Since that cannot happen now, I am left wondering why.

I recently came across the following poem that, for me, seems to bring a little peace.  I found it by the purest chance, and I am sharing it here in case someone sometime finds it when they need to.

It seems
wherever I go people come into my life or go out of it,
touching me where I can feel it, then leaving only a memory
like the fairy tales of childhood;
and I wasn’t through knowing them yet.

How do you know when you are seeing for the last time?
How do you stop together and keep all those around you that
you’ve ever known and loved?
And, how do you keep fairy tales from losing their magic?

So come–
brush against the walls of my life
and stay long enough for us to know each other,
even though you know we’ll have to part sometime;
and we both know the longer you stay the more I’ll want you back
when you are gone.
But come anyway, for fairy tales are the happiest stories I know
and great books are made up of little chapters.

(author unknown)

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