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Just One More

March 21, 2009

As I look back over my life, it seems that I have actually been suffering from a bad case of Just One More.  I started to catch on the other day when for the millionth time, I went to lunch or left for home late because I wanted to do just one more thing.

I do that with knitting too.  Just one more row.  Just one more stitch.  Casting on just one more project.  Buying just one more set of knitting needles and of course there’s the need to get just one more skein of yarn.  (I’m not convinced that the last one is a problem.)

There’s also the need to check out just one more thing on Ravelry; subscribe to just one more knitting podcast (never mind that I can’t keep up with what I have);  play just one more game of Picross; read just one more page in a book.  After all, if I ignore the clock hard enough, tomorrow will not come.  Right? Wrong.  How about just one more hour of sleep?

I have dealt with the just one more cookie, brownie, Hershey’s Kiss,  etc. yens.  However, if you are dealing with this aspect of Just One More do not, I repeat, do not replace any of the above with just one more piece of sugar free candy.  Those things are lethal and should be treated with the utmost caution.  Dignity prevents me from elaborating further just trust me…..

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