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in which I find out I need hearing aids

May 18, 2009

So I have been having this pesky little ear ringing problem.  Actually more than little, and it always gets worse while I am at work.  I suspect that their having the white noise on max may be a factor, but I digress.  

I stayed home from work today because of a stomach issue that started Friday night that was aggrivated by the ringing keeping me awake most of the night.    After a while I started to perk up and being the multitasker type, I thought I would pop in and have my ears checked at the walk in.  

Verdict: tinnitis.  Action:  see a ENT specialist.  Called ENT specialist (since I was on a roll) and they set me up with a hearing test that I just came back from.  

Vertict: significant auditory nerve damage.  The kind of damage that is permanent.  The kind of damage that explains why people sometimes seem to be taking in a foreign language.  Which I guess it is if you are not hearing most of the mid range and high frequencies.

Action:  Still see ENT but will need hearing aids.  Problem:  I need very good hearing aids that can be programed to adjust the individual frequencies I need adjusted,  and to hopefully help slow down further hearing loss.  Bigger problem:  They cost over 6k for a pair and that is not covered by health insurance in any degree.

This hearing loss is affecting me every day.  I know it,  and have known it in the back of my mind for some time.  It affects my job and frustrates those around me more and more all the time.  My big question is how in heck am I going to come up with this money so that I can get back the part of my life that I have been missing for some time?  Not to mention keep doing my job, paying bills, and paying taxes.  

One nagging question:  Will I still like Adam Lambert if I can fully hear him?

I have a few patterns for sale on Ravelry and from this point on all proceeds for any sales will be going into my Hearing Aid Fund.

Thanks for “listening”.


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