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Kindle Sleeve in two sizes

August 23, 2009


This Kindle Sleeve pattern was written to utilize the k1b stitch in a manner that will create a thick protective Kindle Sleeve. Changes are given for Kindle II, (Kindle DX).

Worsted Weight yarn in two contrasting colors – 150 yards.
Size 6 – 32” circular needle (for magic loop circular knitting). You may also use two circular needles. I have never tried this technique with double pointed needles but it should work for this design.

Gauge – Approximately 3.5 sts per in in K1b pattern.

K1b = Instead of knitting into the loop on the left needle you work in the stitch directly beneath it. Both strands are dropped just like a regular knit stitch. Also described as: Insert the right hand needle into the next stitch but in the row below the stitch on the left hand needle. Then knit the stitch as normal.

1.Cast on 42 (58) stitches with main color and work in k1, p1 ribbing for 1” or desired length of cuff.
2.With CC k2tog, k19 (27), k2tog, k19 (27) – 40 (56) total stitches should remain.
3.Round 3: With MC *k1, k1b; repeat from * around
4.Round 4: With CC *k1b, k1; repeat from * around

5.Repeat rounds 3 and 4 until entire piece measures about 9 (11.5) inches or desired length. Knit one round in MC.

6.Once the desired length is reached, the open end needs to be securely closed. I used the kitchener stitch to graft mine closed. You can also just sew it shut or flip it inside out and do a three needle bind off. If you choose the last method, you may want to do a couple more rows first, since the bind off may take up some interior space.

7.Weave in ends and gently block if you wish.

8.Additional optional steps. As you can see from the photo, I elected to construct a braided cord and attach it around the outside of the sleeve. You could also use an i-cord for this purpose. The first thing to consider, is that this is a knitted sleeve that will naturally stretch from the weight of the Kindle, so you cannot just attach a handle at the opening. Running your cord around the outside of the Kindle Sleeve will transfer most of the weight from the fabric to your cord.

9.Notes on sizing. The Kindle II measures about 11.3” around and this sleeve is not a snug fit. I could not find dimensions for the Kindle I, so you will have to measure yours and adjust in even numbers.
If you wish a PDF copy of this pattern you can get one here.
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