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Felting Fest

April 25, 2010

Yesterday morning I am peacefully reading and contemplating, in the back of my mind, what I want to spend my weekend knitting efforts on when felting popped into my head.  Now this is an idea long overdue since I have projects from 2007 waiting to be felted.  Of course, felting for me is a serious undertaking since it involves going down cellar.

Going down cellar is something I generally avoid for multiple reasons that include:  phobia of falling (not unrealistic because I did it once); less than optimal banister (aggravates fear of falling);  bad knees; and that’s where the treadmill is (refer to bad knees and guilt).

But for some reason I was compelled to overcome the above issues, and gather up my snoozing felting projects and make the trek.  I did, I confess, briefly contemplate the tread mill, but opted instead to stand at the washer and stop it every few minutes to check felting progress.

My process for felting is this:  Wash dishes in the kitchen until our tank-less water heater causes the furnace to run (thus insuring the hottest water to the washing machine); start filling the washer and once the incoming water begins to turn hot, drain and start again;  add items to felt, a pair of jeans, detergent, and baking soda; agitate on regular setting; and check progress often.  I use the washer for rinsing the felted items but never allow it to spin in order to avoid artificial creases.  They never go away.  Roll projects in towels to remove excess water and air dry projects.

So finally, here’s what I felted yesterday in order of birth.

I knit the Nantasket Basket by Susan Lawrence in 2007 from yarn obtained from Knit Picks.  I recommend getting an extra ball of the handle color if you use their Wool of the Andes.  I had to improvise a bit because I didn’t have enough the handle colorway.  You can also link to Susan’s Blog entry to buy the pattern here.

I liked it so much, I made another with some stash wool.  This one didn’t get a handle at all since the stash ran out.

Next I decided to felt my Kindle Sleeve.  While I liked the sleeve a lot, I found the fabric a bit stretchy for the weight of the kindle.  This was the project that required the most monitoring because there wasn’t too much leeway to go too far and no longer have it fit a kindle.  I put a book of Kindle dimensions in a bag and partially dried it with the book in place in case it wanted to shrink while drying.

And finally my favorite item is the result of an inspiration to create a Fibonacci striped lunch bag.  It was born out of my admiration of the insulating properties of felt and wanting to use the same Fibonacci sequence I used for some laptop sleeves years earlier.

The closure was contrived using a bit of I-cord from the handle and a Blue Moon Beads glass leaf that I picked up several years ago.  Definitely speaks to the advisability of picking up items like these, even if you don’t have a purpose yet.

To my eyes, it’s almost too pretty to use for a lunch bag.  I have the notes on how to make this but have apparently put them in a “safe” place and can’t find them.  When they turn up, I will put the pattern up on Ravelry.

Back to finishing a pair of socks.  Have a great week everyone and thanks for stopping by.


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