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Dear Mom

May 9, 2010

Dear Mom,

Mother’s Day to me used to be bringing you a carefully selected rose bush for your rose garden.  Every year color and variety selected for meaning; sitting in the sun on your porch; enjoying the view; and just being together.

I miss those times which seemed they could go on forever.  We never knew the last time was the last time.  Perhaps it was best we didn’t.

I know in heaven you and Dad are sitting in a rose garden and every year my heart is sending you another rose bush.  Miss you Mom and Happy Mother’s day.



A Perfect Yellow Rose by Thomas Kinkade

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  1. Mary Lee Clark permalink
    November 26, 2012 10:03 pm

    Dear Ms.DiLorenzo,

    I have been knitting your interesting pattern, “Twisted Fingerless Gloves” which I got on a Knitting calendar. I’m wondering if there has been an update/correction on the “Left-Hand Gusset Shaping” because I’m having problems with the placement of the k15 and other parts of the design.

    If you have time, I would appreciate a response.
    Thank you,
    Mary Lee

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